Song of the Selkie

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Enter the wondrous world of the Selkie.

According to Celtic legend, a selkie is a seal underwater and a woman on land. Sometimes she emerges from the ocean, shedding her white selkie-coat to dance on the sand in moonlight. In the liminal space of the shore, she is vulnerable to capture by a man, and she may become a man’s wife and the mother of children. In Song of the Selkie, the Selkie voices her experience of being caught between two worlds: the sea and the land. Other voices join in her song: a Lighthouse-Keeper, the spirit of Ruth, and even a baby. Through these poems, readers can enjoy the extraordinary magic of selkie stories, and—through their retelling—gain insight into experiences of love and loss, fear and choice, hope and redemption.

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August 4, 2020


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5 reviews for Song of the Selkie

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    Marilyn McEntyre — author of “When Poets Pray”

    The poems in Song of the Selkie take us deep into dream space. They explore archetypes that arise from the surging ocean of psyche and soul. Drawn from Nordic tales and the biblical story of Ruth, the woman who speaks in these pages speaks with pathos, desire, and knowing that come from the mystery, the “deep, deep Ocean” inside. She summons readers to their own interior spaces where Spirit may speak in words familiar, rich, and strange. Readers, having traveled the paths they opened, will return to explore again.

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    Jay Parini — Professor at Middlebury College Author of “New and Collected Poems, 1975-2015” and “Why Poetry Matters”

    I read Song of the Selkie with great pleasure. Jane Beal is a poet I admire, and these poems are wonderfully appealing: sensuous, deeply lyrical, joyous, filled with the spirit. I would recommend these poems to anyone.

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    Farah Tahmasebi, Reviewer — NetGalley

    Is the earth young?
    Is the earth old?
    There’s so much more
    in the depths of the earth
    than silver and gold?

    Let’s read the sedimentary rocks
    and ask what their layers mean:
    let’s interpret the Grand Canyon
    And the Colorado River
    and the past that no one has seen.

    I’ve never come across the works of Jane Beal previously and I quite enjoyed the imaginary journey this book took me on. Hearing the words of the Selkie and those of ‘Ruth’ and getting to know them and their stories through prose that really captures the imagination. A really enjoyable read.

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    Lucia Chase, Reviewer — NetGalley

    I am intrigued by stories about selkies and mermaids so I was very curious about this book. It was very interesting and absorbing poetry. I truly enjoyed it. Thank you to Netgalley, the author Jane Beal and the publisher Aubade Publishing for a free ARC of this lovely collection of poetry.

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    Natalie Horman, All Books Great and Small — Reviewer on NetGalley, Goodreads, and Instagram

    I’ve always been fascinated with mythical creatures, whether they be dragons, Phoenix, mermaids, unicorns or even Selkies. I found this book of poems intriguing and enjoyed the story that unfolded between them. Some beautiful poems and words that really make the poems come alive.

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