The Green-Clad Kicker: A True Story of Love, Sports, and College

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Publication Date: August 15, 2023

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After experiencing the triumph of accomplishing her childhood goal—capturing a state high school basketball championship—Jamie, now eighteen, embarks upon the next adventure in her journey. As she finishes high school and says goodbye to her parents, friends, and small town—the only life she has ever known—she transitions to college to experience what life is like on a new team in a new town.

Jamie begins her college career where she meets her roommate and teammate, Kat, as well as a fellow education major, Peter. Then she meets Jeremy. Along with Kat, Peter, Jeremy, and numerous other multifarious characters, Jamie encounters opportunities and obstacles as she navigates crazy college life. She experiences what it means to find her role on a different team and how to play for different coaches. She attempts to balance new friendships with old, and discovers that saying goodbye to her first love just might open a door that leads to her forever love.

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August 15, 2023


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7 reviews for The Green-Clad Kicker: A True Story of Love, Sports, and College

  1. Vanessa Bucklin, author of THE PENULTIMATE STEP

    THE GREEN-CLAD KICKER is a wonderful extension of Jamie’s first book, THE YELLOW SPORTS BRA, as she continues her journey to college wrought with the trials, tribulations, celebrations, and excitement. Humor is prevalent throughout, and Jamie has an innate ability to capture the nostalgia of everyday routine as it threads through the memories of life. Reading THE GREEN-CLAD KICKER felt like curling up to a good old early 2000 rom-com movie with some hilarious, some sensitive and sincere, and all the real-life of a small-town girl from Montana taking her next steps into this big world.

  2. Brian Henderson, former Rocky Mountain College head women’s basketball coach

    Jamie Graham Duprey’s sequel to THE YELLOW SPORTS BRA does not disappoint! THE GREEN-CLAD KICKER continues in memoir-style writing and takes one on a journey of the transformational transition from adolescence through early adulthood. Jamie is masterful at transporting the reader back to their own coming-of-age story, and I could hear Jamie’s infectious laugh throughout. Jamie’s story about finding lifelong friends, navigating being on your own for the first time, and discovering the love of your life is a story for everyone.

  3. Whitney Edwards, forward at Dickinson State University

    THE GREEN-CLAD KICKER is an honest, gripping, hilarious, and sweet story of Jamie’s college years. It is relatable and helpful to those currently experiencing life in college, and it will make other readers smile as they reminisce about their own memories from ‘back in the day.’

  4. Jake Stuart, NAIA All-American (2004), RMC Hall of Fame (2019)

    Jamie paints an amazing picture of what it takes to be a successful student-athlete, while being an amazing influence on people who have crossed paths with her. Being a friend, studying for tests, going to practice, attending church, and being a positive influence through all of life’s challenges. This book is very genuine, well-written, and inspiring. Jamie’s positive attitude, her love for people, and her witty sense of humor make this a very enjoyable read. Thank you, Jamie, for sharing your secrets on how to be a great human being!

  5. Kelley (Edwards) Rice, Youth Aware of Mental Health Program Director, Montana State University

    THE GREEN-CLAD KICKER is a delightful, heartfelt book about leaving the familiarity and comfort of home, overcoming obstacles, navigating life as a young adult, and finding new friendships and love. Jamie takes us from her small and beloved hometown of Chester, Montana, to Rocky Mountain College in Billings, Montana, where she experiences the highs and lows of being a college student-athlete. Her character, sense of humor, and heart shines throughout this entire book. You will laugh, cry, and find yourself once again rooting for Jamie.

  6. Bob Parsons, Coaches of Influence (COIN), co-author of LARRY LUITJENS, A COACH OF INLUENCE

    Wow, once I started reading, I couldn’t put it down! Jamie’s story should be made into a Hallmark movie! This should be required reading for every college student-athlete. She’s right when she said, “Even though I love basketball, and I have always been all about basketball, it is not basketball that keeps me going. It is the people, the relationships.”

  7. The Rev. Laura Loving

    Such a charming evolution of a love story, as well as classic vignettes of college athletics and shenanigans. Hurray, Jamie!

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