The Yellow Sports Bra: A True Story of Love, Faith, and Basketball

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Publication Date: June 23, 2020

Six years after experiencing what a boys’ state basketball championship did for her small prairie town on the Montana Hi-Line, Jamie Graham, fourteen years old, embarks on her own journey to bring that joy and excitement back to her town. Jim—Jamie’s dad and respected teacher and coach—coached the boys’ championship team and inspires her to choose the goal of winning State. Jim’s unwavering belief in Jamie provides her with confidence and motivation to persevere—no matter the obstacle.

When Jamie begins her high school basketball career as a freshman, Coach VanDyke pushes Jamie and her teammates to become the best players and team possible. She promises that practicing the discipline that high school athletics demands will teach them not only what it means to be good players, but good people and leaders who will contribute positively to the world.

Through her four-year high school journey, and together with her teammates, Jamie experiences the exhilaration of winning, the agony of defeat, and the complicated layers of love, friendship, and grief. She learns what it really takes to set and achieve goals, all while navigating adolescence and high school with its inevitable confusion, heartbreak, and the highs and lows that produce powerful life lessons.

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June 23, 2020


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23 reviews for The Yellow Sports Bra: A True Story of Love, Faith, and Basketball

  1. Tim Hauck — former NFL player, Philadelphia Eagles safeties coach

    Jamie’s great storytelling brought back very special memories of growing up in small-town Montana as a coach’s son. All the familiar names and places put a smile on my face. Jamie does an unbelievable job helping us realize how many life lessons we learn from high school athletics, and how much pride and energy sports bring to these communities. Great job, Jamie! I really enjoyed and appreciate this memoir and know others will, too!

  2. Phil Aaberg — Grammy Nominee, Composer of the score for “Class C: The Only Game in Town”

    In the great tradition of diaries translated to books, Jamie Graham Duprey’s The Yellow Sports Bra is not only a vicarious thrill for those in love with small-town basketball and small-town life, but also a deep reminder of what these fast-disappearing cultures have to offer the world at large: a sense of community, faith, courage, interdependence, and strength in numbers. You will love it as I did.

  3. Alan K. Simpson — former US senator, Wyoming (retired) 1979-1997

    Duprey’s delightful memoir is a nostalgic look into small-town sports. Her honest, engaging, and often humorous voice takes the reader on a moving, exuberant, lighthearted adolescent journey. Anyone who recalls and cherishes ‘small-town’ life, athletics, love, and friendship should greatly enjoy this book!

  4. Linda VanDyke — coach, entrepreneur, fitness instructor

    The detailed play-by-play action sent me back in time to my days as Jamie’s coach. The vivid descriptions of the basketball games brought back butterflies, nerves, frustration, intensity, laughter, and triumph. Jamie Duprey depicted a powerful story focused on her love of basketball, her team, and her community. This story will describe to young athletes the importance of work ethic, grit, and teamwork. The pride of small-town sports and small-town living resonates in this amazing story.

  5. Casey FitzSimmons — rancher, former NFL player for the Detroit Lions

    This book is such a great read. It brings back lots of great memories that I had forgotten about. Jamie tells a real story of the teamwork, identity, character-building, and life experiences shared by thousands of young athletes who have grown up in small-town America, like Chester.

  6. Greta Koss — coach, former WNBA player

    This story will resonate with anyone who played a sport, especially those of us fortunate enough to grow up in a small community. I found myself smiling, nodding, and even cringing as I recalled similar experiences to those artfully described in the book. Thank you, Jamie Duprey, for highlighting the beauty and value of sports, friendships, and life lessons in the context of small-town Montana.

  7. Mick Durham — men’s head basketball coach, MSU Billings

    Jamie Duprey paints an inspiring picture of small-town pride and commitment toward an ultimate goal of winning a state championship. Whether you grew up in a small town or not, Duprey’s memoir will give you an understanding of what sports means to tight-knit communities and the positive effects they have on them. Her story reminds us that lifelong relationships along the journey are the ultimate prize!

  8. Sherry Winn — two-time US Olympian, NCAA coach of the year, CEO/founder of The Winning Leadership Company

    Small-town basketball breeds small-town character. Especially in remote and cold places like the Montana ‘Hi-Line,’ there is no other sport that allows kids to bond as a team, mature as adolescents, compete on a high level, and move on as mature adult leaders. Jamie Duprey’s heartwarming story of life, grief, and victory reminds us all of the treasure of youth sports.

  9. Duane Martinz — professional speaker, sales trainer, life coach, entrepreneur, and author of “Becoming Your Own Champion”

    Nothing beats small-town America. A fabulous collection of fun, inspiring, and action-packed stories, Jamie brings to life a dream that was kindled in her heart since the third grade. She truly shows that you can become you own champion and achieve your dreams on your own terms.

  10. Emily Repnak — former Chester Coyote, wife, mother, teacher

    I felt transported back to a time where emotions ran high, life seemed daunting and marvelous all at once, and the biggest concern was what to wear! I laughed, I cried, and I laughed some more. This story offers a glimpse into the quintessential small-town teenage experience. I knew Jamie was a remarkable person when I met her at four years old, and now she has proven to be a remarkable writer as well.

  11. Becky Todisco

    An inspirational page turner with heart, determination, laughter and tears. Jamie Duprey is a magical storyteller.

  12. Lynette Shepard

    Well, thank you so much, Jamie, for bringing this wonderful gift into my life…up until 4:00 am finishing it! This inspiring memoir is a MUST READ for all, especially those that have been raised playing basketball by their small-town village. This book is sure to inspire you to practice some free-throws, embrace friends and loved ones, take in all that you can during those special once, in a lifetime moments, support small-town America teams, and of course wear your lucky bra!

  13. Whitney Edwards, 16, Hill City SD

    I related to all of Coach Duprey’s experiences about sports in a small-town community. She takes us through her journey of the excitement, heartbreak, and dedication that comes with high school athletics and academics. This book will inspire and encourage everyone who reads it, whether you are living through the experiences currently or looking back on your high school years.

  14. Dr. Glen A. Johnson

    I enjoyed Jamie’s book to no end. Having attended a Class “C” school in Montana myself, having coached for eleven years in Class “C” schools, and having spent five years as a Class “C” superintendent, I can attest that everything she relates is genuine and true. Life in Montana revolves around its high school sports teams and no where is that more apparent than in its smallest towns. The Yellow Sports Bra is a “fun read” for anyone who has competed in high school sports and a wonderful way to experience what growing up in Montana is all about.

    Oh, by the way, I’ve known Jamie her whole life and am extremely proud of her and her first book 🙂

  15. Trish Lehman

    Jamie, you’ve done a remarkable job of making your readers feel as if they were there right along with you. You are a truly wonderful storyteller!

  16. Erica Welu

    I did not play high school sports and don’t have an athletic bone in my body but I really enjoyed this book! It is a good lesson in perseverance and how to give something your all – good lessons for everyone of any age or background. I am on a rough health journey in my life – and this story speaks to even journeys like mine.

  17. Jared Miller

    Great book! I didn’t realize how much I missed sports until reading your book. I couldn’t put it down and I’m not a reader.

  18. Pat Hansen

    I am nearing the conclusion of The Yellow Sports Bra and am reluctant to have to “finish” the saga having been so drawn into the experience of small town high school sports and, just as compellingly, personal relationships in formative years. Jamie Duprey’s vivid description of basketball – and life – in Chester is easy for really anyone to empathize with whether or not they have loved in rural Montana or participated in sports! Pat Hansen, fellow author

  19. Bob Tiede

    My most favorite movie of all times is Hoosiers! As I read Jamie’s just released book “The Yellow Sports Bra – A True Story of Love, Faith and Basketball” – the story of Jamie’s high school basketball team from small town Chester, Montana (population 874) winning the Montana State Girls Basketball Championship – I could not help but feel that I was reading Hoosiers 2.0! The Yellow Sports Bra will leave you inspired and encouraged.

    Bob Tiede – Blogger @ and author of “Now That’s a Great Question.”

  20. Katherine Sunwall

    I loved this book! Not only was it amazing to read about her high school experiences, but it made me reminisce about my own. She was very detailed in how the games went and as a coach, I sure loved the attention to detail. I also loved reading about the other teams and their members and coaches. I am a fellow 2002 graduate and it’s fun to see who they played and their rivals. She also gives a little
    history and geographical information about my favorite state. So well- written and an great read! Write another book Jamie! 🙂

  21. Tina Barbieri — Reviewer, NetGalley

    This book was so fun, sentimental and a really great read! I have nieces who play basketball and cannot wait to gift a copy to them when it is published. Love the lessons and all the feels this book portrayed. The fact that it is a memoir is even more touching.

  22. Kira Critchlow — Reviewer, NetGalley

    The Yellow Sports Bra by Jamie Graham Duprey is a really interesting read, exploring faith, love and sport in a small town in America, where basketball is a very popular sport. In this book, the main character Jamie goes through many trials and tribulations as she tries to become a really fantastic sportsperson.

    Thank you NetGalley for providing me with an Advanced Readers Copy in exchange for an honest review.

  23. Jessica Gaard

    As I began this book, I was transported back to my own high school basketball world. Jamie does an incredible job of conveying the emotions, thoughts, and life that revolve around Class C Montana sports. Having played against the Chester Coyotes in high school, I can attest to the winning and competitive attitude and dedication that creates champions. Small communities in Montana live and breathe together, through tragedies and successes. Thank you, Jamie, for the memories and for the reminder of what community feels like.

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